Transit Report

I am writing this from the apartment we have rented for years in Italy. So, we definitely made it!

Here is a quick report on our transit:

We flew out of SeaTac and it was a zoo! Our flight to Amsterdam was almost completely full. It was an Airbus and I’m not sure what the capacity is, but it seemed big to me and was packed! More passengers than I thought were wearing masks….but fewer passengers were doing so than I hoped would. CDC is pretty clear about the COVID risks associated with travel and after the last 2 days, I think they are spot on. People are traveling like it is 2019!

When we got to Amsterdam, Schiphol was also a zoo! Apparently this is holiday time and there have been numerous strikes of various airport workers. It was understaffed, but we made it through Passport Control and got our bags in an hour. I’m glad we didn’t have a connecting flight.

Despite having a mask requirement, many passengers at the airport weren’t wearing them and social distancing was non-existent!

We had a great taxi driver who took us from the airport to our hotel. He was driving a Tesla that his company paid 150,000 Euros for. He said the price of gas makes electric vehicles the only way to go!

We learned our lesson a few years ago. We just don’t have the stamina to catch a connecting flight and then rent a car. So, we spent the night at the Hyatt Place at the airport and it was just fine. We even got a rural walk in before falling into bed at 8 PM.

This morning we got up VERY EARLY and had a leisurely breakfast before taking the shuttle back to Schiphol for our flight to Genoa. It is a big airport, but we allowed plenty of time. We probably got 10,000 steps in from drop off to getting on our plane!

By some miracle, our bags made it to Genoa and we took off in our rental car. It is a MG hybrid with tons of bells and whistles. We can’t figure out how to turn off or even down the radio, so it is muted for now. We need to study the owner’s manual and, fortunately, it is in English.

After we got settled, we went to the local supermercato for provisions. It is a cool and rainy day here, so we are laying low and trying to recover from our jet lag!

Tomorrow we will go to one of our favorite haunts for a latte macchiato and brioche.

I will have more to report once we are on Italian time.



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